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Apex Doors, LLC


Apex Doors, LLC

Posted on May 22, 2014 at 11:38 AM
Finish Door Hardware for Commercial Construction:
Standard weight hinges, Heavy weight hinges, ball bearing hinges, Non removable pin security hinges, Full mortise hinges, Full surface hinges, Half surface hinges, Half mortise hinges, Full surface continuous hinge, Full mortise continuous hinge, Half surface continuous hinge, Half mortise continuous hinge, Spring hinge, Piano hinge,
Regular arm closer, Parallel arm closer, Top jamb mount closer, Friction hold open closer, Toggle parallel arm closer, Stop arm closer, Delayed access closer, Universal arm closer, Surface applied closer, Concealed closer, Fusible link closer, Pneumatic auto equalizer closer, Automatic operator closer, Plated closers, Delayed action closers, 
Rim panic device, Surface vertical rod panic device, Concealed vertical rod panic device, Mortise exit device, Concealed vertical cable panic device, Emergency exit only exit device, Delayed egress exit device, Fire rated exit device, Lever handle exit device, Exit device trims, Exit device pulls, Exit device escutcheon trim, Night latch trim,
Lever locks, knob locks, Passage set, Privacy set, Dummy set, Classroom locks, Storeroom locks, Entry locks, Dormitory locks, Hotel locks, Utility/Asylum locks, Fail safe electric locks, Fail secure electric locks, Combination locks, Push button locks, Mortise locks, Pocket door locks, Dutch door locks, Sliding door locks, Programmable Electronic locks, Deadbolts, Cylindrical locks, Auxiliary locks, Mortise deadbolts, Padlocks, Hospital latches, Electric latch retraction locks, Push/Pull sets, Simplex locks, Mechanical locks, Commercial locks, Fire rated locks, Flush pull,
Floor stops, Base stops, Bast stop with holder, Dome Stop, Wall stop, Kickdown door holder, Coordinator, Flush bolts, Auto flush bolts, Manual flush bolts, Constant latch flush bolts, Metal door flush bolts, Wood door flush bolts, Surface bolts, Dust proof strikes, Astragal, Peep holes, Door viewer, Threshold, Weatherstrip, Sweep, Latch guard, Rain drip,

Categories: Finish Hardware Commercial Construction