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Apex Doors, LLC


Apex Doors, LLC

Posted on May 15, 2014 at 5:33 PM Comments comments (124)
Hollow Metal Frame Types:
Welded frames, Knock down drywall frames, Dutch door frames, Transom frames, Sidelite frames, Borrowed lite frames, Pocket door frames, Window frames, By-Pass frames, Case open frames, Fire rated frames, Double egress frames, Existing wall opening frames, Masonry frames, Equal rabbet frames, Unequal rabbet frames, Single rabbet,
A60 galvannealed frames, 16ga. cold roll steal frames,  Communicating frames, Transom & Sidelite frames,

Hollow Metal Door Types:
Flush doors, Narrow lite doors, Half glass doors, Full glass doors, Louvered doors, Dutch doors, Pocket doors, By-pass doors, Paneled doors, Embossed doors, A60 galvannealed doors, Cold roll steel doors, Metal doors 1 3/4", Metal doors 1 3/8", Fire rated doors, Sliding doors, Steel stiffened doors, Polystyrene doors, Temperature rise doors,

Wood Door Types:
Flush wood doors, Narrow lite wood doors, Half glass wood doors, Full glass wood doors, Louvered wood doors, Dutch wood doors, Pocket wood doors, By-pass wood doors, Paneled wood doors, Embossed wood doors, Plastic laminate wood doors, Birch wood doors, Cherry wood doors, Maple wood doors, Red Oak wood doors, Walnut wood doors, African Mahogany wood doors, White Oak wood doors, Fire Rated wood doors, Non Fire Rated wood doors, Factory finish wood doors, Particle core wood doors, MDF primed panel doors, Hardboard wood doors, Colonist wood doors, MDO wood doors, Pine wood doors, Fir wood doors, Lead Line wood doors,